APRES MEAL (The one who eats too much)

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They say necessity is the mother of invention. Not really sure who ‘they’ are, (someone’s mother?), but they really know some stuff. Just like our tea genius, Jonny. If anyone knows tea, it’s this guy. He grew up on tea estates, following his dad from one to another and absorbing a love of tannins and floral notes with every passing year.


Now, thanks be to the Gods of tea, he joined our team. Jonny’s journey to invention started with his own hassles with indigestion. Naturally he looked to tea to solve his problem. He knows the power of not just black, green and white teas, he also has a deep connection with herbal teas.

His personal project lead to a revelatory blend of some powerful bio-active herbs and spices. Blended together, the result is spectacular. Not simply because it actually works but because it actually tastes great. They say, (them again), that food is the best medicine (or is it laughter? Anyway, food is important), and tea is like food only better. All the taste and 100% fat/sugar/gluten/meat and cruelty free!

So, what’s in this magical brew?

Lemongrass for a start. This plant grows long green leaves (which cut like tiny Samurai swords) and produces a fresh lemony but exotic twang. It also calms the byways of your digestive tract. Like a cop car on a freeway, everything calms down and everyone follows the rules.

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Next he adds peppermint, a hybrid of spearmint and water mint. Well known for its refreshing taste it also cools and soothes your insides almost immediately. A bit like the flashing lights on that cop car. 

Cinnamon is added now, this strongly flavoured spice, when used carefully can help reduce the effects of excessive consumption by regulating the uptake of sugar to the bloodstream by interacting with digestive enzymes in the stomach. Like the law, it adds power and authority to the cop’s digestive “Calm Down!” enforcement order. 

(We’re pretty much invested in this cop thing, let’s just go with it).

Licorice root brings more calmative power to the equation, with a reputation for reducing inflammation, it does exactly that. Think of it as the cop’s snazzy uniform. Just seeing a cop in uniform makes everyone become more law abiding. Licorice root has your guts acting like Ned Flanders in no time at all.

Every officer needs backup. Here’s where Rosehip stands at the ready. By adding this to the tea blend a huge boost in vitamin C levels is helicoptered in. Vitamin C is one of the few things science agrees is good for the immune system.

Lastly there’s lemon verbena. To say it’s got some anti-oxidants in it is like saying blue whales are reasonably sizeable. This herb is so action packed with anti-oxidising action that it should be seen as the lecture and stern look every cop gives you when they give you a speeding ticket. It’s hard to ignore, what with the uniform, flashing lights and general power and authority already coursing through your system. Anti-oxidants are pre-crime fighters, like in the Minority Report, except in your cup, not in the future. They fight the disease like Batman fights badguys. 


When it came time to name Jonny’s innovative tummy-soothing concoction we briefly considered calling it The Calminator or Officer Jonny’s Tummy Calmer but that seemed a bit alarming.

In the end we went for something soothing and gentle sounding, French even, Apres Meal. Don’t be fooled however, this delicious, calm sounding after meal tonic is the law and order campaign your digestive system needs. If you have to deal with a riot every time you deal with a plate of pasta, then you need expert tea blender and Cops Are Tops bumper-sticker owner, Jonny and his Apres Meal.  Exclusive to The Organic Tea Project.


For a Herbal Citrus Mint Iced Tea - use Apres Meal and garnish with sliced ginger, lemon slices, mint leaves, fresh lemongrass stalks



Enjoy your brew


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