Premium organic herbal blend with chamomile alongside cardamom, cinnamon and citrus peel.

Our organic Ayurvedic tea is centred on the Pitta Dosha. It is a fantastic afternoon caffeine replacement because it is an organic herbal tea that is caffeine-free but will still uplift your body from the inside out.

The blend features a mix of chamomile that eases its way into the stomach, however, the use of cardamom, a touch of cinnamon and organic citrus peel challenge and move the digestive system. This keeps it active and busy so drowsiness is kept at bay. Brewing a mid-strength pot every afternoon will leave you feeling light in the stomach but awake in the mind.



We do think it is a lovely idea to brew loose leaf pots of tea when you have the space and time to do so. However like all of our organic tea's we do offer this blend in tea temples that are made of a cellulose fibre that will break-down when disposed. The process of slowing down is all part of the rich ceremony that you can bring into your daily life, in its own way a mindful practise.

Actually now that we mention mindfulness, this is a wonderful tea to drink before meditating. It will certainly keep your internal organs stimulated and busy enough that if you sometimes struggle with sleepiness when meditating, this should keep that at bay.

The Perfect Tea To Drink Before Meditation

History of the blend

Ayurvedic translates as "the science of life", this holistic ancient medical approach involves the balancing of ones body through certain foods, herbs and spices to promote wellness.

When to drink

Late afternoon, early evening. When drunk as a wellness tea, it regulates the bodies metabolism. Our tea is based on the 'Pitta; Dosha.

Details of blend ingredients & source

A Chamomile, hibiscus, rose hip, ginger, cloves, fennel and orange oil along with other organic spices mix in your cup to give a unique tea drinking experience.

The taste

Floral, fruity, subtle spice.

Sizes available

40g tea bags, 60g loose leaf, 120g loose leaf.

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