OUR ORGANIC Darjeeling is a shining example of why organic tea is simply the best.

Darjeeling is to tea what Champagne is to sparkling wine. This region of western Bengal in the northeastern-most point of India sits in the foothills of the Himalayas at 4000ft - 5000ft above sea level. The low levels of oxygen at this altitude slow the growth of the tea, leading to the development of deeper, richer flavours that cannot be achieved in traditional tea estates. This results in a pure expression of organic tea that will leave you wanting another cup. Our organic Darjeeling tea is unlike any tea you have had before. It is truly one of a kind

The journey

It took 6 years to convert our Darjeeling estates to certified NASAA organic. It was a long process, but the results speak for themselves. This is a serious cup of tea, offering the drinker a golden infusion, replete with sweet floral muscatel aromas, and a fresh clean taste. This organic tea is a result of a lot of people working diligently towards a common goal. That goal was to brew a better cup of tea.

Darjeeling was the first Indian product to receive a gi tag. this prevents any tea that is not from this region from being labelled as such.

History of the blend

Darjeeling is an area of India that is surrounded by Nepal, China and Bhutan. It sits in the foothills of the tallest mountain range in the world the Himalayas and is a region known for producing some of the most expensive and most delicious tea in the world.

When to drink

Anytime. This organic tea offers the drinker endless pleasure with an ever-developing taste of flowers and fruits.

Details of blend ingredients & source

We use hand picked, whole leaf, second flush (2nd Harvest of the year) Darjeeling. The estate sits between 4000 - 5000ft above sea level. Our organic Darjeeling is protected with a GI tag that prevents any tea that is not from this select region from be called Darjeeling.

The taste

The 2nd Flush offers a golden infusion replete with sweet floral muscatel aromas, and a fresh clean taste. This is not your ordinary cup of tea.

Sizes available

50g, 20 tea bags, 80g loose leaf, 150g loose leaf.

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