Our Organic Earl Grey Tea is a smokey zesty brew that ignites and delights the senses.

Our organic Earl Grey Tea is a lighter option to traditional black teas offering a complex bouquet of citrus, to delight and engage the pallet. Our organic Earl Grey is a blend of whole leaf Assam, organic oil from bergamot oranges and blue cornflowers. This organic tea is a shining example of the quality achieved through organic agriculture.


The journey

Earl Grey is named after the 2nd Earl of Grey, he lived in the United Kingdom in the 1830’s. He was renowned for enjoying the flavour of citrus in his tea. Hence the name Earl Grey. We use whole leaf organic Assam tea, with a hint of organic bergamot oil that enriches the natural flavours of the tea as well as blue cornflowers that bloom in the cup when brewed.


EARL GREY IS NAMED after Charles grey the 2nd earl of grey.

History of the blend

Originated in England in the 1830’s as a gift from a Chinese Tea Maker to a high-level British politician.

When to drink

This fragrant blend is perfect for when you need to take a break. It has been historically taken in the afternoon.

Details of blend ingredients & source

This blend uses whole leaf Assam Tea, with organic naturally occurring oils from bergamot oranges as well as blue cornflowers.

The taste

Fragrant, citrus. smokey.

Sizes available

50g, 20 tea bags, 80g loose leaf, 150g loose leaf.

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