OUR Organic minted blend will leave you feeling fresh.

Our organic Minted blend offers the intense flavour and the benefit of naturally occurring menthol, known to reduce stress, anxiety and relax muscles. With the combination of Field Mint, Spearmint and a little Peppermint our crisp blend will reach and refresh the parts of your body that others cannot. This organic mint tea is perfect for creating space for mindful conversation and is perfect for an after-dinner ritual that will help you relax, clear your mind and boost your health.

The journey

As we know good things take time, our Minted blend is a reflection of this philosophy. With over a year of trials and testing going into this unique blend, we feel this one of the best organic teas we have made to date. This blend offers a depth of flavour that cannot be found in straight peppermint tea, our blend of three mint varietals offers an invigorating drinking experience.


You'll be Feeling like a Million Dollars after a clean brew of our Minted Blend.

History of the blend

Used for centuries to aid digestion, proven to relieve gas and bloating, and can reduce heartburn and indigestion.

When to drink

The perfect post-meal tea. Helps aid digestion, reduce anxiety and relax muscles

Details of blend ingredients & source

Field Mint, Spearmint & Peppermint

The taste

Reminiscent tastes of choc mint ice cream & spearmint gum.

Sizes available

20 Tea Bags, 100g Loose Leaf

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