Earl Grey Tea Gift Set

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The Earl Grey Tea Gift Set contains our 200g loose leaf Earl Grey Tea, high-quality linen tea towel and flask.


With its smoky flavour and citrus undertones from the oil of the bergamot orange, Earl Grey is beloved around the world. Our organic take on this classic, with its familiar, full-bodied taste, suits perfectly when you need a minute to unwind. Traditionally served black, we say, brew this organic tea however it makes you happy!

Ingredients: Organic Assam Whole Leaf Tea with natural bergamot oil and cornflowers.

Approximately 60 serves per packet


One of the world’s oldest fabrics, linen is woven from the fibres of the flax plant and is an entirely natural resource.

No part of the flax plant goes to waste; with the leftover linseeds, oil, straw and fibre utilised in everything from lino and soap, cattle feed to paper. Few products are so efficient as flax.

The production of linen requires five to twenty times less water and energy than the creation of cotton or synthetic fabrics. Linen is biodegradable and recyclable.

Size: 49cm x 70cm tea towels.

Composition: 100% Linen.

Product Care: Care Gentle Machine Washable up to 40 degrees. Do Not Tumble Dry. Hot Iron.


Maximise premium tea flavour with our stylish, eco-friendly 400ml double-walled glass bottle. Free from plastic and chemicals, this easily-transportable vessel comes with a built-in stainless steel tea infuser and bamboo lid.  In the layered glass design is a vacuum which ensures your tea stays hot so you can focus on enjoying loose leaf tea at an optimal drinkable temperature for up to an hour and a half. Just add hot water and go! Also can be used for iced tea as it will keep cold drinks cool for up to an hour.

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