English Breakfast - The Classic Blend

English Breakfast - The Classic Blend

Jim Watts February 16, 2018

The name "English Breakfast" was invented in the 1840's in New York to market Chinese congou tea to the American public.

The Organic Tea Project started small but we remain a company wholly dedicated to offering only the most premium and freshest organic blends.

From the beginning, we committed our efforts to the creation of the best tasting, cleanest and most wholesome organic English Breakfast blend. It’s a mainstay of the tea universe, so we had to get it right.

By fastidiously tasting all our favourite English Breakfast teas from around the world we determined the best balance to offer a most well-rounded blend of flavours.

Our journey took us to wherever the finest organic and fair trade teas in the world are grown. The absolute best? Look in Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri.

With the help of Master Tea Blender, Jonny, we determined that the peak English Breakfast blend is a combination of two key teas.

To achieve the multi-dimensional flavour of premium English Breakfast we start from a base of Assam grown leaves, renowned for its robust malty flavour. The second ingredient is high grown Nilgiri tea. Discerning drinkers will recognise its fine flavour liquors.

The combination makes for a sublime balance and you can see it as a rich blend of colour, delivering a tea that is both malty and crisp in taste.

When combined with a splash of milk you can expect a subtle yet energising kick that will set your future standard for English Breakfast from the very first sip.

It took us 28 attempts to find that ideal balanced combination of flavours. When we finally found our malty yet crisp blend it was like unlocking a magic formula and since then we have been dedicated to recreating the perfect breakfast tea after every new harvest through tasting, documenting and more tasting.

It was a long journey to find our breakfast blend and we truly hope you enjoy it as much as we do...