Sydney Tea Festival 2017 Recap

The Organic Tea Project  x  Sydney Tea Festival 2017

With over seventy passionate tea artisans and five thousand thirsty tea lovers, it was sure to be an amazing day for tea. This was our third year being part of this amazing event and once again it did not disappoint.

The Sydney Tea Festival is an annual event held in August at Carriageworks. Featuring a tea market where you can sample a wide range of teas from the most delicate white teas to an intensely spicy sticky masala chai that coats your entire pallet with its warm embrace (of course talking about our Sticky Chai). As well as Tea Workshops and Tea Talks, all designed to educate and inform you about tea culture, tradition, and history. You could say it is Sydney's biggest tea party. 

(photo: Madeye Photography)

As you enter you receive a small festival cup (that you get to take home with you) that is used throughout the day to sample the wide variety of tea available. As you wonder from stall to stall sampling the varying teas you really get to see how many different varieties of tea there are. From bespoke herbal blends to more traditional well-known tea varietals, each taste opens up a new world. For example, you can taste two English breakfast blends that use the same tea plant (Assam for example), but due to craftsmanship and expertise of the blender that tastes completely different. This is why we love tea, it tells a story from the soil to plant to picking to fermentation to blending to packing and shipping, each step influencing the final cup.

(photo: Madeye Photography)

It was such a great day for tea! Thank you to everyone who came and said hello to us at The Organic Tea Project stall. We love sharing our passion for organic tea. It was amazing to get everyone's unique insight on each of our blends. We hope you had as much fun as we did. 


The Team at The Organic Tea Project

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