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The Organic Tea Project

At The Organic Tea Project, we’re big on what we brew. Born from decades of travelling and living around the world, today our NASAA certified organic teas are hand picked by our own friends and family.

Specialising in organic, black tea, green tea, herbal teas, and sticky chai tea - our blends are available in both loose leaf or biodegradable tea temples. Find us online, in Australian supermarkets, and at cafes nationwide.


Sustainability, Food and Farming

Sustainability, Food and Farming
At the Organic Tea Project our values are brewed in the deep belief for quality, sustainability and fair trade organic agriculture. Cultivating crops on a smaller scale and supporting local...

Apres Meal Iced Tea

Apres Meal Iced Tea
How to perfectly brew our Apres Meal iced tea  In a heatproof jug place 5 bags of tea (or 15g of loose leaf) with 500ml of boiling water Brew for...

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