• No matter the time, the place, or the moment. Pour yourself a cup of calm.

Sustainably sourced. Ethically produced. Certified organic.

The Organic Tea Project

At The Organic Tea Project, we’re big on what we brew. Born from decades of travelling and living in India, today our NASAA certified organic teas are hand picked by our own friends and family.

Specialising in black, green, herbal, and chai - our blends are available in both loose leaf or biodegradable tea temples. Find us online, in Australian supermarkets, and at cafes nationwide.


Dion Horstmans: Sculptor & Artist

Dion Horstmans: Sculptor & Artist
Dion Horstmans is a force of nature. Known for his bold angular sculptures, his work bursts with his dynamic energy. We chat with him about his work, his direction, and his unrelenting creativity...

Dr. John Dahlsen: Environmental Artist

Dr. John Dahlsen: Environmental Artist
We met with environmental artist Dr. John Dahlsen for a cup of organic Green Tea and a chat outside Bondi's Pavilion Gallery on the final day of showing his retrospective exhibition: Waste No More.


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