How Organic?

How Organic?

Kyle Roxburgh June 30, 2021

We started The Organic Tea Project to introduce to the market the freshest, cleanest premium certified organic tea, free from chemicals and pesticides.

The process of tea production is a complicated one. To suppress disease, eliminate pests, boost production, and elongate shelf life, a cocktail of chemicals are used on crops which is inadequately washed off. 

We choose to use certified organic production where no chemicals are used. Not only does this keep us free from ingesting chemicals, it ensures we are able to provide full flavoured, quality tea to be enjoyed to its maximum.


For the past 50 years, packaging methods for commodities have seen the dramatic rise of synthetic polymers such as nylon and polyester. These polymers account for the vast majority of mass produced tea temples. While cheap and convenient, these synthetic tea temples are far from biodegradable.

That’s why we have chosen a plant based material called Soilon for our Tea Temples. Although they take longer to breakdown in household composts than some other decomposables we feel comfortable in not adding to the plastic consumption of the world. For faster biodegradability there are commercial processors that are expertly done by companies like Compost Connect.


Our boxes that house our teas are made from 100% recycled cardboard. By reducing the amount of plantation timber utilised to make the stock, we try not to contribute to the copious amount of cardboard the world produces. 

The inks used for the printing process are water and vegetable based. They are much less harmful on the environment than petroleum based dyes keeping our waterways free from chemicals.


Our tea is 100% handpicked by highly skilled labour which ensures the highest quality of tea. Handpicking does not damage the tea plants, which increase the life of the crop.

This approach informs everything we do and we'd like you to be part of the change. Let's make organic tea a sensible, everyday choice.