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Kyle Roxburgh September 24, 2021

At the Organic Tea Project our values are brewed in the deep belief for quality, sustainability and fair trade organic agriculture.

Cultivating crops on a smaller scale and supporting local communities is something we grew up with and we are excited to see a return to these values in recent times.

Our friends at Your Food Collective embody this. Delivering the freshest "ground-breaking, juicy, crunchy, can’t-stop-eating deliciousness” foods straight to your door - how good is that!

Your Food Collective only work with local producers who follow regenerative farming practices. This involves healing top soils, increasing biodiversity and rejuvenating ecosystems through sustainable land management practices whilst supporting your local communities.

Farmers who use regenerative farming techniques may do some or all of the following:

Conservation Tilling
This method aims to reduce erosion by protecting the soil surface and allowing water to infiltrate instead of run off

Combining cropping and grazing into one land management system where each one benefits the other

Crop Rotation
This practice involves planting different crops sequentially on the same piece of land to improve soil health, optimize nutrients in the soil, and combat pest and weed pressure

Water Harvesting
This is simply the collection of water from surfaces on which rain falls - like roofs - then storing this water for later use

Well-Managed Grazing
Organising livestock to make the best use of the pastures grown and/ or managing the frequency and intensity that livestock graze pasture

Partnering with like minded people and businesses to create and support this community will ensure the continuation of helping to create a more sustainable planet.

Thanks to for all your insights and dedication.