Why Our Breakfast Blend is Simply the Best

Why Our Breakfast Blend is Simply the Best

Jonas Allen April 16, 2024

Our Breakfast blend is a masterful combination of Assam and Nilgiri teas, each bringing its unique characteristics to create a perfect morning cup. This blend not only exemplifies the art of fine tea making but also showcases the distinctive flavours influenced by the regions where they are grown.

Unveiling the Blend

The rich, malty notes of Assam tea provide a robust, rounded base, perfectly complementing the bright, aromatic qualities of Nilgiri tea. Like fine wine, the locale of each tea imparts unique flavour profiles that are a testament to the diverse Indian terroir. This synergy results in a cup that is both invigorating and aromatic, with a deeper colour and enhanced strength thanks to the broken leaf format used in our blend.

Rigorous Quality Assurance

Quality is paramount with each batch we produce, identified by unique batch numbers; our current Breakfast blend is Batch 023320. Once harvested, the teas are swiftly combined and rigorously tested for 528 different chemicals. This extensive screening ensures that our tea is pure and free from any unwanted impurities—a common issue with teas sourced through auction houses. Our direct relationship with the plantations makes this high standard of purity possible and ensures that any contamination is extremely rare and quickly addressed.

Designed for Optimal Brewing

We package this exquisite blend in both loose leaf pouches and pyramid tea bags. These pyramid bags are not just a packaging choice but a crucial part of the tea experience. They accommodate the larger leaf structure and, when brewed, allow the leaves to expand naturally. This space for expansion is essential for extracting the full range of flavours and achieving that perfect brew which flat bags or finer cuts can't match.

By choosing our Breakfast blend, you are not just choosing a tea; you are choosing a premium brewing experience that brings the lush fields of India right to your teacup. Enjoy the authentic taste of Assam and Nilgiri, crafted with care and expertise, and start your day with a truly superior cup of tea.