Organic Assam - 20 pack pyramid tea bags

$10.99 AUD

Morning Charge Assam Tea

Savour the rich, full-bodied taste of Assam tea, hailing from the lush valleys of Northeast India. Its robust, malty flavour is as invigorating as the region’s monsoon rains, with antioxidants that aid digestion and boost energy. Each cup embodies the spirit of Assam, offering a warm, energising embrace with every sip.

Breakfast Tea Ingredients

Organic Assam Tea.


Bold & Robust



Medium to strong


How To Brew Your Assam Tea

  1. Boil fresh water

  2. Add 1 teabag per cup. Add 1 extra if making a pot.

  3. Brew for 4-5 minutes

  4. Serve with milk

Why Pyramid Tea Bags?

Eco-friendly biodegradable pyramid tea bags, designed to cradle whole leaves. This innovative shape ensures each leaf unfurls fully, capturing the intricate flavours and aromas unlike the constrained confines of dust tea in flat bags. A superior brew, sustainably delivered.