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Organic Breakfast Tea - Loose Leaf Pouch

Organic Breakfast Tea - Loose Leaf Pouch

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Do you like your English Breakfast Loose?

This product contains 200g loose leaf premium organic tea which makes approximately 80 serves per packet.

The Organic Tea Project's Breakfast tea blend is made using organic Assam and Nilgiri black tea leaves handpicked from sustainable farms in south west India.

It took us 28 goes just to get this blend right so that it had the perfect flavour profile to pair with breakfast or any time of the day really.

The Assam used in this blend provides the robust malty flavour synonymous with breakfast teas, while the Nilgiri smooths out the blend creating a rounded more complete flavour profile.


Organic Assam and Organic Nilgiri Black Tea



Smooth, Malty, Full-bodied



Medium to strong


With loose leaf tea we recommend getting yourself a tea infuser if you are making a single cup or looking for a teapot if making for a group.

  1. Boil fresh water

  2. Add 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea per cup. Pour hot water over the loose tea.

  3. Brew for 3-5 minutes, then strain.

  4. Serve with milk

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We've tried to answer your top questions:

How many tea bags come in a box?

Our boxes come with 20 biodegradable pyramid tea bags inside.

How much loose leaf tea comes in each pouch?

Our organic loose leaf tea blends vary in quantity depending on the chosen blend. This is because loose leaf tea can vary depending on the fluffiness of the tea leaf. Our pouches can range from 120g - 200g.

How quickly will by order be delivered?

Our online orders are typically processed within 2-4 days depending on your location.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, afterpay, paypal and shoppay.