Organic Sleep Tea - 20 pack tea bags

$11.95 AUD

Looking for a yummy chamomile tea?

Our fruity, floral and slightly spiced Ayurvedic tea blend is a delicious caffeine-free, herbal blend perfect for evenings and to help you drift of to a blissful sleep.

It is a cooling and revitalising blend, formulated as an organic wellness tea because it not only assists with sleep but includes ingredients that can help regulate your body’s metabolism. 

The Chamomile is gentle on the stomach, while the use of cardamom, cinnamon and organic citrus peel helps move the digestive system and keep it active.

Some people enjoy this Ayurvedic tea blend in the afternoon or before meditating as it provides a natural uplift from the inside out, leaving you feeling light in the stomach which helps with concentration and focus.


Ayurvedic Tea Ingredients

Chamomile, Fennel, Cardamom, Hibiscus, Liquorice root, Rosehip, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Orange oil



Fruity, Floral, Clean, Spice, Caffeine-free



Light - Medium

Caffeine Free


How To Brew Your Ayurvedic Tea

  1. Boil fresh water
  2. Add 1 tea bag per cup. Add 1 extra if making a pot.
  3. Pour in freshly boiled water to the pot.
  4. Brew for 5-10 minutes
  5. Serve without milk

Why Pyramid Tea Bags?

Eco-friendly biodegradable pyramid tea bags, designed to cradle whole leaves. This innovative shape ensures each leaf unfurls fully, capturing the intricate flavours and aromas unlike the constrained confines of dust tea in flat bags. A superior brew, sustainably delivered.