Exploring the Essence of Tea Tasting: Crafting the Perfect Blend

Exploring the Essence of Tea Tasting: Crafting the Perfect Blend

Jonas Allen August 28, 2023

Tea tasting is both science and art, a journey we embarked on to create our signature Breakfast Blend. This process involves a set of white pots and bowels, leaves, water at specific temperatures, a timer, and a tasting spoon – a simple yet revealing journey.

Creating a Signature Blend: The Journey
Crafting our Breakfast Blend was a dedicated process. It meant countless tastings, fine-tuning to get it right. This journey led us to understand that tea tasting isn't just about drinking; it's about uncovering the essence of every leaf.

Infusing Flavours: A Practical Approach
Imagine a white pot, filled with carefully measured leaves. Hot water is poured in, and a timer is set for four minutes. The leaves unfurl, releasing their flavours into the liquid – a simple yet crucial step in creating a blend.

Exploring Tastes: The Simple Act of Tasting
When the timer sounds, the tea is ready. We pour it into a bowl and place the leaves on a saucer. Tasting begins with a spoonful, allowing the aroma to mingle with the senses. The tea touches the palate, and the nuances of flavour unfold. Sipping air enhances the experience.

Striking the Balance
Tea tasting is about balance – balancing the aroma, the taste, and the visual appeal of the leaves. It's an essential part of our blend creation process. Sometimes, a spittoon is involved – an attempt to savour the essence without consuming it fully.

The Culmination of Efforts
Every cup of tea is a result of meticulous tasting. From Breakfast Blend to our entire collection, tea tasting is the core. It's what guarantees an experience that goes beyond ordinary – a cup that tells a story and nurtures the senses.

Tea tasting has been an art that blends science with passion. It has given me the enjoyable journey through the world of flavours.