"Sticky Chai: Brewing Traditions with a Modern Twist"

"Sticky Chai: Brewing Traditions with a Modern Twist"

Jonas Allen October 09, 2023


Tea-Steeped Memories

Growing up in the harmonious haven of Auroville, India, I was surrounded by the calming rhythm of tea rituals. The day was punctuated by moments of pause and reflection, with chai playing the starring role. It wasn't just any tea, mind you; it was a dance of spices and strength, a glass filled with tales and traditions.

Timeless Ritual

Come 10am or 3pm, wherever you were, whatever you did, time would stand still. The entire community would come together, sharing stories over a steaming glass of chai. This wasn't your everyday brew. It was an aromatic concoction, a strong, sweet symphony of milk, tea, cardamom, ginger, and a medley of spices, each cup reflecting the nuances of its maker's roots.

The Bondi Challenge

Years later, our café in Bondi tried to recreate that Auroville magic. Yet, there lay a challenge. Authentic chai, with its delicate dance of spices, takes its sweet time, literally. The traditional method involves a slow simmer of milk and spices for a good 15-20 minutes, introducing the tea right at the finale. But in the bustling café scene, time is luxury. We needed to serve that authentic flavour in mere minutes. Enter: Sticky Chai.

The Birth of Sticky Chai

Marrying tradition with innovation, sticky chai became our solution. It’s chai’s essence captured in a sweet, glistening blend of spices pre-infused with honey. This ensures that those robust flavours infuse quickly into the milk, saving time without compromising on authenticity.

The Heart of our Blend

Our pursuit of perfection led us back to India, where we set up our very own chai kitchen. Here, spices are roasted to release their full aroma, then harmoniously blended with honey and loose-leaf tea. The result? A shiny, sticky mix that not only holds the heart of traditional chai but also fits seamlessly into the fast-paced café culture.

Brew It Your Way

For those seeking the classic taste, sticky chai can be brewed in your favourite teapot. If you're hankering after the café experience, brew it with two parts milk to one part water, echoing the ratios of a traditional latte.

Bridging Cultures

Through sticky chai, we've bridged worlds, crafting a blend that respects its roots while adapting to modern needs. It’s a nod to Auroville's serene tea breaks and Bondi's lively café spirit, inviting everyone to partake in the timeless ritual of chai.