The 7 Common Mistakes in Making the Perfect Pot of Tea

The 7 Common Mistakes in Making the Perfect Pot of Tea

Jonas Allen March 22, 2024

Ever brewed tea, full of anticipation for that first delightful sip, only to be met with disappointment? Tea-making is a delicate balance between the choice of tea—be it robust Assam, delicate Darjeeling, or a hearty Breakfast blend—and the brewing method. Whether you add milk and sugar, or prefer your tea straight, mastering the basics can elevate your tea experience.

1. Water Temperature Is Crucial

The perfect tea begins with the right water temperature. Boiling water can destroy the nuanced flavours of delicate teas, resulting in a bitter taste. Black teas excel with nearly boiling water, while green and white teas best unveil their sweetest, fullest flavours at 80°C.

2. Don't Reboil Water

Oxygen-rich, freshly drawn water is essential for a lively cup of tea. Reboiled water loses oxygen, making your tea taste flat. Always use fresh water for each pot.

3. Preheat Your Teapot

A pre-heated teapot can make all the difference, especially for a robust breakfast tea. Classic Chinese iron teapots, which retain heat well, are perfect for achieving a strong brew at the ideal serving temperature.

4. Filtered Water Makes a Difference

The taste of chlorine in tap water can overshadow the subtle flavours of tea, especially in cafes where the focus is on coffee. Filtered water can significantly enhance your tea's taste.

5. Brewing Time Is Key

Brewing time significantly affects the tea's flavour. Over-brewing releases too many tannins, leading to bitterness, while under-brewing results in a weak tea. For a strong breakfast tea, five minutes of brewing is optimal.

6. Proper Storage

The way you store tea is crucial for maintaining its freshness and complexity. Store your tea in a cool, dry, dark place. Our black glass tea caddies not only block out light but also seal out moisture, preserving your tea's quality.

7. Choose Quality Tea

The difference between high-quality, whole leaf teas and lower-grade "dust" teas is stark. The depth of flavour and aroma in whole leaf teas that come in pyramid tea bags or loose provides a superior and more complex experience.

By honing these seven steps, you'll elevate your tea-making from ordinary to extraordinary. Making tea is not just about the preparation; it's about pouring love and care into each pot. Enhance your next tea break with the perfect brew.