"Pure Leaf, No Dust": Our Promise on Every Box

"Pure Leaf, No Dust": Our Promise on Every Box

Jonas Allen February 26, 2024

When we decided to print "Pure Leaf, No Dust" boldly on the top of our tea boxes, it was more than a slogan; it was a declaration of our commitment to quality and authenticity in every cup of tea we offer. Here's why this mantra matters to us and, more importantly, to you as a tea drinker.

What Exactly Is Dust Tea?

Dust tea consists of the fannings or fine particles left over after the higher grades of tea leaves have been collected. It's often considered the lowest grade of tea, lacking in both the complex flavours and the full health benefits found in whole leaf teas. Unfortunately, this dust tea finds its way into more than 90 percent of tea bags on the market, particularly those flat tea bags we're all familiar with.

Our Stand on Whole Leaf Tea

At The Organic Tea Project, we believe that a truly exceptional cup of tea can only come from whole leaves. Whole leaves retain their natural oils and flavours, offering a richer, more nuanced drinking experience. They also hold more of the antioxidants and nutrients that make tea such a beneficial addition to your daily routine.

However, whole leaves need space to expand and release their flavour, which flat tea bags simply don't provide. That's why we chose pyramid tea bags for our teas. These bags offer enough room for the leaves to unfurl and infuse, ensuring that you get the full benefit and flavour with every brew. For those who prefer the classic method, brewing loose leaves in a pot is always an option we celebrate and encourage.

Why It's On Our Packaging

"Pure Leaf, No Dust" isn't just a catchy phrase; it's our core belief and a guarantee to you. It's a reminder that what you're about to enjoy is the finest tea, unadulterated by the low-grade dust that fills so many other bags. By choosing our tea, you're choosing a cup that's as close to nature as possible, packed with genuine flavour and the true essence of the leaf.

This commitment to quality is why we proudly declare "Pure Leaf, No Dust" on every box. It's not just about selling tea; it's about offering a more authentic, enjoyable, and healthful tea experience—one cup at a time.