Après Meal Tea: A Symphony of Digestive Delight

Après Meal Tea: A Symphony of Digestive Delight

Jonas Allen October 16, 2023

From Tummy Troubles to Tea Triumph

For Jonny, a pesky tummy wasn’t an occasional hiccup but a constant companion. Eager for respite and armed with curiosity about herbal wonders, Jonny set out on a mission. A quest intertwining personal needs, ancient botanical wisdom, and a thirst for scientific understanding.

Lemongrass: This zesty gem isn’t just for taste. Numerous studies have suggested that lemongrass possesses qualities beneficial for digestive well-being.


Lemon Verbena: Beyond its lush aroma, lemon verbena is a traditional go-to for digestive niggles. Research supports its potential in soothing digestive discomfort.

Liquorice Root: Not just a sweet treat, liquorice root has been highlighted in scientific circles for its tummy-soothing benefits, bolstering its credentials in promoting gut health.

Peppermint Leaf: A classic British favourite, peppermint is also lauded for its role in alleviating digestive issues, with various studies noting its soothing properties for the digestive tract.

Cinnamon: Not just a toast topper, cinnamon offers potential protective properties. Research underscores cinnamon's contribution in countering certain digestive concerns.

Rosehip: Known for its vitamin C zing, rosehips also hold potential in championing digestive well-being. Studies suggest the anti-inflammatory benefits of rosehip can be beneficial for belly health.

Determined, Jonny found his perfect blend, ensuring that each botanical played its role in soothing the tummy, rooted in both tradition and modern-day science. But it wasn’t just about wellness. The brew had to be a delight for the palate, too.

When British Brew Traditions Hug Modern Day Science

With the Apres Meal blend, each sip is a melodic fusion of flavours that don’t just settle the tummy but also make it sing with delight. It's a cuppa where every botanical tells a story of discovery, backed by age-old wisdom and the latest research.

From Jonny’s Heart to Your Cuppa

When you fancy an Apres Meal, you're not just having a tea. You're joining Jonny's journey—a blend of his dedication, botanical brilliance, and a promise of a gentler tummy. Each ingredient, handpicked with care, validated by science, and steeped with British flair.

Cheers to every calming sip, Jonas Allen & Jonny, TOTP's Tea Virtuosos.